Slim Fader ND Filter 77mm Variable Adjustable ND2-ND400 Filter
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Slim Variable Adjustable Fader Neutral Density ND2 - ND400 Filter

Content: 77 mm Fader ND Filter, UV Protected Filter case

Product Description:

New Fader ND Filter makes "blurred-motion" a lot easier and more fun

  • Makes long exposures easier
  • Makes selective focus easier
  • Provides better close-up flash control
  • Offers 2 to 8 stops of added density
  • The only solid ND filter you'll need

Capturing motion blurs is much easier with the new Fader ND filter
Fader ND Variable Neutral Density Filter lets you continuously control the amount of light passing through your lens by as much as 8 exposure stops--with no loss of color fidelity or sharpness.

Super-long exposures are now much easier
The Fader ND makes it easy to achieve slow shutter speeds of one or more seconds to "blur" the motion of falling water, passing clouds, flying birds, busy people, or any other moving subject within your scene.

Fader ND also makes selective focus easier
Separating your main subject from the background by reducing the depth of field often calls for your widest lens aperture. In bright daylight, however, this may require switching to a much slower film or a shutter speed beyond your camera's ability -- that's when you go to the Fader ND to reduce the light to your needs.

Close-up flash control
The Fader ND enables you to position speedlights closer to your macro subjects without overexposure problems.

It's the only solid ND filter you need
One Fader ND is not only as versatile as a full set of standard neutral density filters, it's faster and easier to use in the field.


Digital Multi Coated, greatly redce lens flare and ghosting caused by reflection

Black Aimite Frame: Black matte aluminium satin finish reduces reflection

Black Rimmed Glass, reduces light reflection around the filter edge

Low Profile Frame: Ultra thin low profile frames to help avoid vignetting on super wide angle lenses.

Knurled Frame Edge, is for easy attachment and re-moval.

UV Protected Cases, to further lengthen the life of filter.

NOTE 1: Due to the nature of the Fader ND Filter, its "profile thickness" is significantly greater than most filters (14.2mm for standard mount, 10.5mm for thin mount). The profile thickness of either version may cause vignetting when used with wide-angle lenses, especially on cameras with full-frame sensors. Due to the vast number of combinations of cameras, lenses, and other factors, we can NOT predict under what circumstances vignetting will occur, and to what degree. We suggest simply adjusting your focal length, position, and or composition to remove the vignetting -- use your digital camera's display for reference.

NOTE 2: The design of the Fader ND Filter may introduce irregularities when used with very wide angle lenses, especially on full-frame cameras. Adjust your focal length and reduce the filter density setting until the irregularities disappear.