3 Stage Silicone Lens Hood 43mm
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New 3 Stage Collapsible Adjustable Silicone Lens Hood

Content: 3 Stage Silicone Lens Hood x1


Premium Camera Accessories: Why Premium? As many accessories getting cheaper and cheaper, the quality of products also getting lower. We found that buying low quality product will end up wasting the money.

Now we had selected some of the products with good quality and reasonable priced item as in our Premium selection.



Product Description:

3 in 1 Silicone Lens Hoods - These are the best hoods we've seen and we use them ourselves. Heavy duty silicone mounted on an aluminum ring.

The hood is adjustable to three different positions. Extend all the way out for telephoto. Extend midway for a standard hood. Retract the hood for wide angle.

Your normal lens cap can be used on the front. Therefore, this lens hood can be left on your camera at all times which actually helps protect your camera since the retracted hood acts as a shock absorber.

Remark: You can check your lens size on the lens itself, normally it is stated 52, 55, 58....etc