Circular Polarizer CIR-PL 46mm CPL Lens Filter
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Circular Polarizer CIR-PL 46mm CPL Lens Filter
Price RM35.00 RM50.00
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Content: 46 mm CPL Filter, Filter Case



  • Reduce Light Reflection from glass, water, leaves....etc.

  • Achieve brighter colours
  • Get sharper and better contrast
  • By fitting this CPL filter, reduce the light reflection, you can see the fish in ponds clearly.

This is a Circular Polarizer (CPL) Filter. Polarizer provide color and contrast enhancement. Reflected light often shows up as whitish glare that washes out color in an image. A Polarizer corrects this problem producing deep, dramatically blue skies. It also removes glare from non-metallic surfaces, such as windows and water. Color saturation in general, especially outdoors, can be improved significantly. It can be used with both auto focus and manual focus cameras and lenses. It is a standard accessory for all Digital Cameras.